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How We Share and Show Love

Fiona Jackson Center for Pregnancy's purpose is to provide life-affirming choices for women and families facing unintended pregnancies. We provide complete and accurate information, including self administered free pregnancy tests, compassionate peer support to women who are facing an unintended pregnancy. We offer life skills training to our clients through our mentoring curriculum. Childbirth classes as well as post abortion support are available. We also educate youth in the community on the risks of non-marital sexual activity and encourage sexual abstinence. We strive to promote healthy, informed and responsible life choices.


Our Mission

Fiona Jackson Center for Pregnancy exist to save babies from being aborted, and to teach women their identity in Christ. We inform families about life affirming options and provide limited pregnancy medical services.

How We Affirm the Significance of the Womb
Our four components:

Life-Affirming Choices

We provide life-affirming choices for women and families facing unintended pregnancies.

Family Support

We offer support to the family during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby.

Post-Abortion Bible study

We provide post-abortion bible study to women and men.

Healthy Relationships

We teach the benefits of healthy relationships and abstinence to unmarried youth and young adults.


Crystal Cassidy

Chair of board

Lisa G. Hamilton.png

Lisa G. Hamilton

Board member



Board Member

Pamela Brady.jpg

Pamela Brady

Board Member


Nate Robertson

Board Member

Our Board of Directors

Our Founder


Advocate for the unborn, and business owner. Belinda
has a real way of empowering women that are living in poverty
and relating to those women that are abortion minded. As a
result of her devotion, babies are being saved from abortion and
women’s lives are being transformed through Christ. 
Belinda is also a gifted speaker
spreading the message; The Significance of the Womb; as
she advocates to abolish abortion in America and abroad.
Belinda is an ordained minister and graduate of
International Seminary, where she received an Associate
Degree in both Practical and Advanced Theology in 2012.
She is a mother of two wonderful children.

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