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Fill a Bottle.

Save a Life!

Baby Bottle


The Fiona Jackson Center for Pregnancy is making a difference – one life at a time.


We are excited to kick off the Baby Bottle Campaign. 


Churches across West Orange County have reported excellent church participation and enthusiastic results from congregations. If you have participated in a campaign in the past, you know how easy, successful and encouraging it can be in promoting the pro-life message.

If you have not, please know that it is never too late to join! Our prayer is that all our partnering churches will be educated about the sanctity of life and know that they
are making an eternal impact on the lives of the people we serve.

How Can I

Get Involved?

There are 3 Easy Ways to Get Started



Give Online



baby bottle.png
baby bottle.png




baby bottle.png
Give Online

Online giving is the easiest way to donate today.


Help our campaign by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Image by Paul Hanaoka
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Run a Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign!

During these difficult times, we are all having to adapt, and our Baby Bottle campaign is no exception. 


That is why we have created a virtual campaign!

Spread the word online, on your social media pages and direct everyone to give using our donation link.


You can give knowing that your donation, as always, is tax-deductible, and your organization will get the credit for your donation in the race for the Golden Baby Bottle Award! 

Spread the Word.

Set Up a Traditional
(In-Person) Campaign!

We have all of the tools you need below to get started from set up to collecting your bottles. 

Click Here to follow the easy steps below in our Get Started Resources section. 

Fill a bottle. Change a life.


When Can I


Use your change to change lives by launching a Bottles for Babies fundraising campaign.

Mother’s Day is always a great time to start a campaign!

This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9th.

Start planning your campaign now as bottles, signage, and other promotional materials are limited.

Getting Started


Jar of Coins
Your church can be part of this vital ministry by participating in this year’s campaign.
By distributing baby bottles to fill with coins, cash, or checks and returning the bottles to our center, your organization will enable us to continue the work God entrusted us with.
This program also helps to build a bond of serving Christ together in our community.
Would you consider partnering with us by participating in our annual Baby Bottle Campaign?



Set the official launch date of your campaign (for many this will be Mother’s Day) Select the date the bottles need to be collected (which is usually Father’s day). Your organization doesn't have to use those dates, but a time frame of about 5 weeks is recommended.



Return the filled and empty bottles to your church on the collection date. Bringing back an empty bottle is just like donating $1.50 back into the ministry!



Make a pre-announcement to your congregation. Consider showing our kick-off video at your service the Sunday before distribution.



One of our staff members is available to pick up the filled and empty bottles at the end of your campaign. Our center will then send a report noting how much your church raised. 



Distribute bottles. Inform your congregation of these easy steps: take a bottle home and place it in a popular place. Fill the empty bottles with coins, cash, and checks or donate online. Pray for future clients.



Any groups are welcome to participate i.e. churches, individual families, college campus groups, individual classes, or study groups. For more information, please contact us for more information!

Participating is easy...

Instructions below.

Downloadables Here

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